Discover the Sennelier ink range!

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson, Sennelier artistic director, presents the Sennelier inks!

This range is made of 30 Shellac based colors.
Shellac is a natural product. Indeed, it’s a resin secreted by a bug from tree trunks in Asia.This resin is used for a long time for painting and furniture varnish. It’s this Shellac that is used to produce the Sennelier inks.

Inks are a very creative tool, we can use them for wash painting, calligraphy, illustration. With these inks, we can obtain satin finish or glossy finish with a thick application.

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson does an “explosive” demo! Inks are the perfect tool to do that.
Furthermore, the pipette of the jar is very helpful it allows you to take only few drops of colors.

There are three ways to use the inks :
- undiluted, as it is in the jar, to take full advantage of the pigments luminosity.
- diluted with the Shellac based thinner to keep the ink consistency.
- diluted with water to use it as a watercolor wash paint.

In this demo, Yves-Marie Salanson use it as wash painting in a first place in order to apply the colors with a spontaneous gesture.
These inks can be applied with a brush, a nib or a bamboo pen.

Try Sennelier Inks! They offer many creative opportunities thanks their vividness, their luminosity and their intensity!

Discover the final result in the video below!