Discover Egg Tempera paint

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson, Sennelier artistic director, presents Egg Tempera paint with a special guest, Madeleine!

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, artists who did not know how to use oils, used the Egg Tempera. That’s why their artworks are very well preserved.

Egg Tempera have many benefits. It’s a no yellowing and water dilutable artist grade paint which dries quickly with a satin-matt finish. It’s a great alternative to acrylic or oil paints.

It is available in 30 luminous colors and 23 of them are made with only one pigment.

The artist Marc Chagall used Egg Tempera and Mark Rothko bought a lot of Egg Tempera at the Sennelier shop in Paris.

Futhermore, Egg Tempera is perfect for Plein Air painting, for the sketch or the full artwork.

Discover Egg Tempera paint and the special guest in the video below!