Autumnal Landscape Pastel Painting

Sennelier offers a range of 525 colors of Pastels à L’Ecu (soft pastels). Obviously as a beginner, you don’t need all of these 525 colors. In this video, Mr. Yves-Marie Salanson (artistic director) show you how to do a pastel painting in 2 steps, with the minimum equipment required. He uses:
- The set of 20 half-pastels à l'Écu Sennelier (20 shades)
- The Sennelier “La Carte Pastel” paper
- The Sennelier Latour Fixative for soft pastels

It’s very interesting to draw with pastel due to its texture but also because it’s sensory and we can apply it by hand.

First, Mr Salanson creates a very blurred background on which he then adds touches of light. It’s in this second step that we can see the benefits of the Sennelier Pastel: it’s smoothness and luminosity. These touches of light will articulate the landscape. The pastel also allows you to play with colors, we can choose to blur them or not in order to give energy to the painting.

Although the pastel is already well fixed on the Sennelier Pastel Card which is an entirely suitable material, Mr Salason adds a coat of the Sennelier Latour Fixative. This fixative will protect against UV light and creates a totally transparent and matt film.