How to draw with confidence?

Many artists draw irregular lines, lines made of numerous lines. They hesitate so their move is irregular. If you are one of these artists, you probably lacking confidence.

In this video, Mr Yves-Marie SALANSON (artistic director) is sharing his tips to be more confident when drawing.

Tip n°1: To draw a straight line you have to focus on the tip of your line.

Looking and focusing on the tip of your line, you draw a line which will go to this tip. But if you watch the line as you draw it, chances are you draw a wavy and irregular line.

Tip n°2: To practice a lot

Be confident is something that you can learn. You can practice to gain confidence. Like in sport, repetitive work has many benefits. For example, you can practice by drawing ellipses. Covering sheets of ellipses. To repeat the same movement is a good way to reinforce the gesture and to draw with more confidence.